Career tree - CAT is a project financed by the EU under the  Erasmus+ strategic Partnership program (project no 2014-1-PL01-KA200-003345

The project theme is effective career guidance. Effective guidance must help to avoid making ill-considered decisions on further career and education. It must empower the counseled person by giving him the necessary information and tools.

Under the Career Tree Project a specialized tool will be developed. It will incorporate tests and informational/instructional material developed by a team of psychologists and counselors from Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and United Kingdom under the lead of experts from University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin.

The aim of the tool will be the diagnosis of the personal competences and predispositions of young people that enter the labor market.

The tool developed under the “Career tree” project will supply significant information’s for the counseled person, their parents, teachers, career counselors, psychologists and educators.

Furthermore the tool will help to create a CV in various languages.

Innovativeness of the tool:

  1. Hierarchism – in accordance with Item Response Theory (IRT) – questions are selected, depending on answer given to previous question. This means that not all respondents will “answer” to all questions.
  2. Tools, that already exists on the market, have only one layer, there are no hierarchic, multi-layer tools on current market. Those existing are hierarchic, but have only 1 layer – tool developed within the project will have 8 layers (modules).
  3. It contains impulses that have situational character – person watches scenes and react for those impulses (next questions and situations are picked, depending on the reaction for previous impulses.