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The next stage of CaT!

The next stage of the project is to test the tool by direct addressees - vocational school students. Keep in mind that the ambition of the project is to help young people to reflect on their professional future and make key decisions about their professional future.

At this stage, in order to implement the final version of the tool, it is a necessary to collect the data from the students tests completed. This will allow to verify of the tool's operation and standardization. For what? It is necessary that the diagnosis obtained in the CaT be accurate and in fact reflect the professional predispositions of the respondents.

It is also important to gather feedback from students, professional counselors and teachers, including: how the test is being filled out, whether the interface and graphic layout are friendly or if the effects are useful. There is always room for development!

The research will be conducted in May-June in all partner countries.


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Validation testing in Lublin at the Academic High School Sports Championships 16.05.2017; http://alms.wsei.lublin.pl/